Marjorie German Bournigal M.Ed., C

Verified Credentials

Therapy can help with many problems, make an appointment if you want to resolve long standing issues, feel better and have more peace and balance in your life.... Read More

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Houston, TX, 77024

Carmen Pulido, Ph. P

Psychologist, Texas 37321

At Mind Health PLLC, we provide you with psychological evaluations and treatment for common disordrs like depression, anxiety and substance use. Our specialty is working with adult... Read More

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Houston, TX, 77059

Dr. Kimberly a

Verified Credentials
Psychologist, TX

Dr. Harrison provides individual and group therapy for children, adolescents and adults. She also provides psycho-educational testing for learning differences and ADHD, and psychol... Read More

Ph: (713) 993-7030

Houston, TX, 77025

Ruth A T

Verified Credentials
Clinical Social Worker or Therapist, Texas

I have a Master's Degree in Sociology and a Master of Social Worker Degree.  I am a Clinical Social Worker and a Supervisor.  I work with Social Workers who are transitioning for... Read More

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